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Celebrating Christmas in Paris

Paris is memorable at any time of year, but during the month of December it seems to sparkle especially bright. December is an ideal month to take in the city’s many sights and attractions in a more relaxed setting. The streets are dotted with boutiques decorated for the holidays and the grand department stores go all out with stunning displays. We recommend experiencing some of these truly special Christmas celebrations in Paris.

  • Paris Holiday Walk: Culinary Traditions - A special 2.5 hour walking tour of various chocolate and pastry shops in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Learn about traditional delicacies such as foie gras, oysters, champagne, clementines, and the Bûche de Noël cake.
  • Christmas Concert at La Sainte Chapelle - Classical music in the setting of a small Gothic chapel.
  • Ice Skating – The open-air rink in front of the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville (Paris City Hall) is the most popular seasonal ice skating venue in town.
  • Notre Dame - Attend Christmas Eve Mass
  • Paris Christmas Market - These markets are set up throughout the city offering special holiday treats.

Joyeux Noel from CobbleStay

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Paris Low Season Can Mean Low Prices

paris-285168The month of August is considered “low season” and can be more affordable for your visit. August may be quiet as far as the locals are concerned, but kids are only out of school for two months and families love to come to Paris during the summer. Off season travel is usually much more fun, as crowds are smaller, lines are shorter and prices often lower. When you visit France in the off-season, you also feel more like a local and less like a tourist.

During the low season it’s easier to get reservations at your favorite Parisian restaurant. Many airlines offer off-peak travel rewards for greater savings.

Paris is beautiful any time of the year so why not make your travel plans more affordable and less crowded?

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Is there a cheaper time to come to Paris?

As we approach spring, we are on the phones non-stop talking to guests about Paris!  One of the most popular questions we get asked is, “When is high season in Paris?” Let’s talk about this!

Is there ever a bad time to come to Paris?  Not as far as we are concerned!  You might think that no one wants to be in Paris during February but there are a number trade shows and events that attract that the business travelers.  August may be quiet as far as the locals are concerned, but kids are only out of school for two months and families love to come to Paris during the summer.   When we set rates we do follow a high season, low season calendar.

Definitely High Season! 

Low season:

  • early January through mid-March
  • all of August
  • most of November (except Thanksgiving week)
  • the first two weeks of December

High season:

  • April, May, June, July
  • September and October
  • Thanksgiving week
  • the last two weeks of December

When you are looking to save money, try Paris in the “low season” and remember, the longer you stay, the more you save!

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Three Reasons to Visit Paris in February

France Weather

Yes, Paris can be pretty chilly in February. The average temperature hovers around 38 degrees.  There can be snow and rain but it definitely is not the wettest of months.  Bundling up and seeing the sights, sipping hot chocolate in a bustling cafe and not having to wait in long lines at the Louvre are all really great reasons to visit Paris in February but we have a few more to get you in the mood to book a trip now!


1.  February 10th marks the Chinese New Year.  There are celebrations held throughout Paris making it one of the most colorful days in the city. 2013 is the year of the serpent!


2.  Everyone knows that Paris is for lovers.  Whisking your sweetheart to Paris for Valentine’s Day is THE most romantic thing we can think of!

3.  February is one of the cheapest months to visit Paris.  That’s right, we said “cheap” and “Paris” in the same sentence.  Airfare dips way down and so does the cost of renting an apartment.  Many of our most popular properties are available at their lowest prices of the year.  The longer you stay, the more money you save.

We have compiled an even longer list of the special events taking place in Paris during February.  You can see them here: FEBRUARY EVENTS

Would you like some more info about Paris in February?  We are happy to help.  Complete this form and one of our Reservation Specialists will contact you.

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Meet Madeleine Stylish Studio

We know that yesterday officially marked the beginning of the Christmas season. We know that you are busy, have parties to go to and gifts to wrap. But, we couldn’t let this opportunity go.

We just launched a new studio apartment located in one of the chicest locations in Paris. It is tiny. It is best for one person and two will be happy if you like to snuggle. It has a doorman, a grand lobby, tons of natural light and a “tippy top view” of everyone’s favorite tower.

This is when we need you to make a last minute decision about Paris. The studio is available from NOW until December 31st and then it is booked until summer. You’ve got to grab a date and go now. Why? I have a top 5 list for you:

1. You just need some alone time around the holidays.

2. You’ve worked hard all year and it’s time to give yourself a present.

3. You don’t want to go to another holiday party and wear another ugly sweater.

4. Paris sparkles during the holidays.

5. You CAN’T BEAT the price!


Book 4 nights at $175 per night

Book 5-6 nights at $160 per night

Book 7-9 nights at $145 per night

Book 10 nights or more at $130 per night

To book, call us. Make sure to tell you want to stay in the new studio!

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Timing Your Trip to Paris

“How far in advance should I book my trip to Paris?”  This is one of the most asked questions we receive and it is a great one!  The answer varies depending upon your situation.  The more “musts” you have, the farther in advance you should book.  These “musts” include staying in a particular area of Paris, during a particular show at a museum, during Fashion Week, on Bastille Day, when the flowers start to bloom, during the department store sales……  If you want to be in Paris on a specific date like your birthday or your anniversary you should plan your visit as soon as you get your dates set in stone.  Of course, if you are more flexible with your “musts”, last minute deals can be found but you may have to compromise on a few details.  For the average traveler coming to Paris, these are our suggestions for timing everything just right.

1.  You should start shopping airfares about 90 days before you plan to travel.  Depending on the season, you can get a gauge for what the fare will be and we suggest consulting with a travel agent for their take on  whether the fares will go on sale anytime soon.  If you are using airline “points” start inquiring about those flights the moment you decide on a date.   Reward travel is very limited, especially to Europe, and the flights sell out fast.  We have often booked airfare with points almost a year ahead of time just to make sure we got what we wanted!

Our Marais Magic Property

2.  Booking your airfare and finding an apartment can be done at the same time.  Especially if you are falling in love with a particular property, you should check that it is available around the dates that you are shopping for your airfare.  Our easy to use calendar that is on the same page of each property makes that very simple.  We find that people who start booking about 90 days prior to their arrival have the best selection to choose from.   For those last minute travelers, the online calendar makes it very easy to see what is still available.

3.  Check your passports!!  You should give yourself a 90 day cushion to make sure that passport is in your hands and up to date!  Really look at the date and make sure that is doesn’t expire during your trip.   It has happened but we won’t name names!

4.  As your trip gets closer, you will want to make any “must see” reservations or event ticket purchases.  Our experience is that most restaurants in Paris won’t book a table more than 30 days in advance.  There can be exceptions but this is the general rule.   It is also a great time to secure some Euros.  At the time we are writing this, the Euro is dropping!!!  This means it is the perfect time to go to Paris!

5.  Your trip is about a week away!  It is time to start pulling things to pack, buy a couple of things you might need and don’t forget to make arrangements for your pets!  We have written about packing for Paris before and we love to get creative packing tips from Pinterest.

We hope you have a fabulous trip to Paris!  Bon Voyage!

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Tips From a Paris Insider: Stephanie Frasco

Stephanie Frasco

We love passing on great tips from Paris Insiders!  Meet Stephanie Frasco.  Stephanie is a Social Media Consultant and as the Community Manager for Dashlane, she just returned from living in Paris for the winter.  She recommends:

1. Massage 

Book a massage for the day you get in.  It helps to rid your jet lag.  Not only will it melt your airplane kinks away but you will leave feeling fresh and ready to walk your heart out!

I recommend Institut Thai Rachawadee -  in the 5th


2.  Food 

It should come as no surprise that eating your way through Paris can be worth the trip itself.  Of course the French food is spectacular, but Paris is filled with ethnic restaurants that might surprise you.  Eat everything that calls your name!  You will be happy you did.  Some of my favorite restaurants in Paris (ethnic and French) 

L’Office – (contemporary)  - 

Dans les Landes (small plates) - 

Hyang-Ly - (Korean BBQ)


3.  Flea markets and food markets -

Paris is filled with Flea markets and food markets selling everything from fresh cheeses at the food markets to vintage Chanel bags and Victorian Era furniture at the antique markets.  Hopping from stall to stall and market to market is a great way to spend an afternoon.  If you find yourself in Paris during the warmer months, make sure you take your bounty (from the food stalls) and head to one of the many public parks for an enjoyable picnic.  If you happen to be in Paris in the winter don’t forget to check out the Christmas Markets.  

Favorites: Rue Monge market & Christmas Market at La Défense


For more about Stephanie, you can go to her website:

You can also follow her on Twitter @StephanieFrasco


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