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Fashion Week 2015

fashion-weekFashion Week is one of the busiest times in Paris all year. It is a hugely important time for fashion designers, buyers, shoppers, and pretty much anyone who loves fashion.

Important dates for the 2015 season include January 21-25th for Men’s Fashion, January 25-30th for Haute Couture, and March 3-11th for Ready to Wear.

Whether you plan to visit Paris for fashion week or just follow the shows online, visit Mode à Paris for all the details and show times.

If fashion is your first love, then you should book your luxury Paris apartment as soon as possible. Otherwise we recommend avoiding Paris during these extraordinarily busy times, saving you not only time but money as well. Let our experienced reservation agents help you plan your travel dates in Winter 2015.

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Paris in the Fall

766959_95860794 Paris in the fall is an amazing experience. The changing color of the leaves and the quality of light make for some spectacular photographs. It is so comforting to spend a blustery afternoon in a little Parisian café and chatting over a cup of hot chocolate.

It is important to note that Daylight Savings Time ends in France on October 26th. The time change in the U.S. does not occur until November 2nd.

Even though it gets dark early in the fall season, there are still plenty of interesting events around the city.

The Festival d’Automne à Paris (Paris Autumn Festival) is a festival of contemporary arts, embracing and combining different art forms. The arts festival puts on avant-garde theatre, dance and contemporary music from international companies at venues all around Paris. Every year, from September to December, the Festival features over forty events attracting an audience of more than 100,000.

Stay up all night on Saturday, October 4th for the annual La Nuit Blanche. Experimental art installations, video projections and art events take place all around the city. The venues range from museums to train stations and industrial buildings.

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Perfect French Summer Drink

PastisWhen visiting France in the summer, instead of ordering wine, try a pastis.

Pastis is an anise-flavored liqueur that is very popular for drinking slowly on a lazy summer afternoon.

Pastis can be enjoyed any time of day, however the French rarely drink it with their meal. The sweet licorice-like flavor does not pair well with many foods.

France Today has a nice article that gives the history behind the Pastis.

The drink is traditionally served using three vessels: a glass with a shot of pastis, a glassful of ice and a pitcher of water.

The color of pastis can range from yellow to yellow-brown (or even green). The star anise essence that gives pastis its flavor is not water-soluble, so when you add water, the drink quickly turns cloudy and milky looking.

The pastis must be diluted because it is 45 percent alcohol, similar to gin. Typically there is a 5-to-1 ratio of water to pastis, with ice being optional. But pastis mixing is a considered a personal preference and best left to the individual.

Enjoy responsibly!



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Planning to Propose in Paris

pont-des-arts-264217_1920Paris is the most romantic place in the world to pop the question (bien sûr!).  Imagine having the Eiffel Tower sparkling overhead while the words “Will You Marry Me?” are spoken?

Or choose from dozens of locations across the city of love to help make that special moment even more memorable. Every time you return to Paris you’ll remember it as one of the happiest experiences of your life.

If you’re considering proposing, here are a few great locations to choose from:

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Brush up on your French


Fodors has a fantastic tool for listening to useful french travel phrases. The language experts at Living Language have provided Fodors with over 150 essential phrases for your trip.

Use it to help with your pronunciation. It is as simple as clicking on a phrase to hear it, then repeating the phrase out loud. Voila!

You can even practice on the plane. The sound files are downloadable so you can take them with you on your Apple device or Nook.

“In Paris they just simply opened their eyes and stared when we spoke to them in French! We never did succeed in making those idiots understand their own language.”
- Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad

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Paris, je t’aime – CobbleStay Style

Paris, je t'aimeThere is more to being French than eating a baguette on a daily basis. In France, movies are still regarded as an art form, making it a useful tool for for visitors to learn about the country’s culture and language.

Paris, je t’aime is an excellent film for immersing yourself all that makes Paris special. Twenty famous filmmakers have five minutes each, weaving together a single narrative out of twenty moments.  There’s a reappearing mysterious character who is a witness to the Parisian life and a common theme of Paris and love fuses all.

The Le Marais segment, directed by Gus Van Sant, is just down the street from CobbleStay #41 – Picasso Museum Marais.

The Bastille segment, directed by Isabelle Coixet is around the corner from CobbleStay #15 – Bastille River View.

The Place des Victoires segment, directed by Nobuhiro Suwa, is around the corner from CobbleStay #16 – Madeleine Balcony Studio.

The Tour Eiffel segment, directed by Sylvain Chomet, is close to CobbleStay #20 – Eiffel Tower Park.

CobbleStay #24 – Marais Magic is right by the cafe where characters meet in the Quartier des Enfants Rouge segment, directed by Olivier Assayas and Frederic Auburtin.

CobbleStay #18 – Left Bank Penthouse is around the corner from where the Quartier Latin segment was filmed, directed by Gerard Depardieu, as well as CobbleStay #14 – Best of Notre Dame Apartments in Paris.

The Parc Monceau segment, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, is near our newest property (coming online soon!).

If you really want to know what all the best French films are, check out this top 100 list compiled by French film industry experts.

Amuse-toi bien!

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Avoiding Overseas Phone Fees

Hand-Holding-a-cell-phoneOverseas phone fees are a major concern for travelers. Always check with your phone carrier before you leave to find out your best options. Sometimes it can be as simple as requesting a global plan. The NY Times has put together a helpful article with tips and tricks to save you from unexpected charges.

For example, some travelers choose to purchase a a SIM card (a microchip that can be inserted into a cellphone) from an international provider, giving them a local phone number and local calling rates. However, you must have an “unlocked” phone to use this method.

There is hope that roaming charges will soon become a thing of the past. The European Union recently voted to end international roaming charges by the end of 2015.

Until that actually happens, be sure to educate yourself and be prepared. Bonne chance!

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Daylight Savings in France


We hope you are planning to visit Paris this spring!

If you are, you should know that Daylight Saving Time (DST) in France begins on the last Sunday in March.

Even though most of the United States has already made the time adjustment, most European countries have not yet made the switch. Be sure to note in your travel plans that you will need to change your clock at 01:00 UTC on Sunday, March 30th!

Want to know more about why we observe DST and which countries choose not to participate? National Geographic has a helpful article that gives a brief history of the practice and the pros and cons experienced by various countries around the world.

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Disneyland Paris

Disney 1

A Guest Post by Lisa Gabrielson

Paris is elegant, stylish, and refined, but sometimes you just need to get away and let your inner child run free. What better way to do it than to visit the Gallic version of everyone’s favorite character, Mickey Mouse!

Located conveniently just outside of Paris, Disneyland is a perfect day trip for a family visiting the city- or, perhaps, just for a big kid at heart. The park boasts classic Disney favorites like the Main Street Parade, the Tower of Terror, and Splash Mountain. Of course, there are petits détails française; mulled wine booths in the winter, La Belle Au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty’s castle in French, naturellement), and beautiful architecture.

Disney Entrance

Though the park is huge, it is definitely do-able for a day trip from Paris. Leave early in the morning- the park opens at 9 am and stays open until 10 pm- and spend the day. Alternatively, there are a number of hotels right outside of the park entrance if you wish to extend your time in Disneyland!

To get there, take the RER A from a number of stations, including Chatelet Les Halles, to Marne La Vallée. The trip is about 40 minutes each way.

Note: You can save 15% on Disneyland Paris tickets by buying before you arrive.

Lisa Gabrielson is a current undergraduate student at American University in Washington, DC. Before attending college, she spent a gap year abroad as an Au Pair and fell in love with Paris. When she’s not in the classroom or daydreaming about the city of light, she can be found sailing for the university sailing team or working as President of her sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. You can find Lisa on Twitter @Lisa79

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Is there a cheaper time to come to Paris?

As we approach spring, we are on the phones non-stop talking to guests about Paris!  One of the most popular questions we get asked is, “When is high season in Paris?” Let’s talk about this!

Is there ever a bad time to come to Paris?  Not as far as we are concerned!  You might think that no one wants to be in Paris during February but there are a number trade shows and events that attract that the business travelers.  August may be quiet as far as the locals are concerned, but kids are only out of school for two months and families love to come to Paris during the summer.   When we set rates we do follow a high season, low season calendar.

Definitely High Season! 

Low season:

  • early January through mid-March
  • all of August
  • most of November (except Thanksgiving week)
  • the first two weeks of December

High season:

  • April, May, June, July
  • September and October
  • Thanksgiving week
  • the last two weeks of December

When you are looking to save money, try Paris in the “low season” and remember, the longer you stay, the more you save!

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